Investigations and Litigation

Investigations have become a common occurrence on today’s college campuses and within the board rooms of nonprofit organizations and corporations. The stakes are high when the investigation can impact your ability to attend a school or to maintain your employment, and they are even higher when the investigation can potentially lead to criminal prosecution. We have years of experience in conducting investigations on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice and defending them on behalf of individual and business clients.

Please contact Vogel Law Firm immediately if you are under investigation or otherwise involved in an investigation to obtain timely advice and a strategy to protect your legal interests

Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

Faculty and students generally do not have significant procedural protections in academic integrity matters involving accusations of cheating, plagiarism, and other dishonest acts. It is, therefore, important to organize and strategize a strong defense to accusations of academic dishonesty and plagiarism.

Internal Investigations

When a college or other organization discovers potential wrongdoing within its ranks, it must quickly get to the bottom of it. We conduct internal investigations by reviewing relevant documents and records, interviewing relevant employees and others with knowledge of the situation, and making recommendations for reform and remediation.

Faculty and Student Misconduct

An accusation of misconduct can significantly alter, if not eliminate, the ability of a faculty member or student to continue at an institution. Schools have legal obligations to conduct investigations in a procedurally fair manner and to render decisions that are based on the evidence. We represent faculty members and students in connection with allegations of misconduct in violation of faculty handbooks and student codes of conduct.

Faculty Tenure and Promotion

Opportunities for advancement in academia are sometimes unfairly and improperly denied. We assist faculty members who have not been provided a fair opportunity to obtain tenure and otherwise attain advancement in their career.

Federal and State Regulatory Investigations

There are numerous federal and state agencies that claim jurisdiction to regulate and investigate colleges and other organizations. These agencies issues subpoenas and civil investigative demands, and they make other demands for documents and testimony. We assist organizations under regulatory investigations to find solutions.

Professional Licensing

Schools or students may report teachers to licensing boards that, in turn, initiate professional licensing investigations. These investigations have the potential to end careers. We represent administrators and teachers before licensing boards and ensure that their rights are protected.

Title IX and Sexual Assault and Harassment

Victims of sexual assault and harassment on campus are increasingly reporting misconduct to Title IX coordinators and other college administrators. As a result, many faculty members and students stand accused by their institutions of serious violations. While the victim has rights, the accused also has legal rights and important procedural protections that prevent a rush to judgment. We represent both victims and accused students to ensure that their legal rights are protected throughout the disciplinary process, and we advocate for a just and fair result.

In once case involving a male student who was falsely accused by an elite, private university of committing assault against a female, we stood up to the school’s attempt to trample over our client’s right to a fair disciplinary process and the school ultimately backed down.

White Collar Criminal Investigations

The Justice Department, through its United States Attorney’s Offices, conducts wide-ranging financial fraud, corruption, and other white-collar investigations that impact individuals and organizations in all sectors and industries. We represent individuals and organizations that are compelled to produce documents or testimony or which are otherwise involved in a white collar criminal investigation.