Government Relations

In today’s world, education organizations need to be kept apprised of legislative and administrative activity in Washington, DC. New laws and regulations can have a significant impact on business. We have experience working in the U.S. Congress and at the senior levels of the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice. Let our experience work for you.

Please contact Vogel Law Firm to obtain legislative summaries and updates, as well as the latest regulatory and other administrative activity from the federal agencies that have an impact on your organization.


  • We track and follow legislative action — including committee hearings, committee markups, and floor votes – to let you know which education-related bills and oversight activities may have an impact on your organization.
  • We provide summaries and analyses of bills and the prospects that the bills will become laws.
  • When necessary, we will partner with a Washington-based lobbying and consulting firm so that our clients can meet and influence policy makers during the legislative or oversight process.

Administrative and Regulatory

Most federal policy is made at the administrative and regulatory level by federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Education. The Education Department proposes regulations for public comment, giving stakeholders a real opportunity to influence the language of the rules that will be enforced in the education sector. Once issued, those federal regulations are then interpreted and enforced by the agencies.

  • We track and follow regulatory and sub-regulatory developments at the Education Department.
  • We draft and submit public comments that inform the Education Department and advocate for the inclusion or omission of regulations.
  • After final regulations have been issued, we provide summaries and analyses of the regulations and how they will impact the organization, as well as analyses of interpretations of, and enforcement actions taken under, those regulations.